My Hearts Cry.

The God who transcends time.
Whose might is unmatched.
Utterly other.
Supremely beautiful.
Indescribable really.
Majestic. Yes.
Glorious. That too.

The world says it does not need you.
But look. We are making a mess of things.
The world finds new ways to defile your creation.
Everything you called good.
Made in your image, we are creatives.
And that’s something to celebrate!
But when will we accept that no matter the height of the ladder, we will never be the creator?
Why do we continue to feed on the lie that misappropriated power amounts to much?
Here, maybe. In the thereafter however, I hear wailing.

The world is falling apart.
The earth groans an octave higher each day.
I don’t know why we keep doing this Lord.
Your intention was for us to rule and dominate with you.
In love you formed.
In love you instructed.
In love you sent forth.
I look around and can’t help but to ask,
where is the love?
Why have we chosen to be wayward?
To walk away from life into the arms of death.

Still, hope.
There you are. Or rather, Here you are.
Kind and merciful, slow to anger and rich in compassion.
Father. Abba Father.
I know you hear our hearts cry.
Teach us your ways.
Mold our hearts.
Give us eyes that see,
tongues triple coated in honey,
hands eager to help,
bellies flowing with living water.

Help us to use every opportunity wisely,
to be the hands and feet of Christ.
We want Jesus to be seen, experienced and followed.
We want an expansion in the family.
Children of God.
Born of God.
Living for God,
until we return to you Father.

In these uncertain times, you are certain.
The pendulum swings unrhythmically.
The merciless asking for mercy.
The unkind asking for kindness.
The inglorious brawling for thrones.
Hate meticulously threaded in sheepskin.
It is all so confusing,
scary also.
But we hold on tight to what is good.
Power, love, and sound minds.

In the thick of whatever may come,
Help us to be peacemakers,
meek and pure at heart.
Let it be that our only thirst is for righteousness.

I join my voice with that of a praying multitude.
May our petitions, tethered to the heart of Christ shake the heavens.
We need a downpour.
Look upon us with mercy.
Your kingdom is here.
And above all,

Happy Monyaay!
Have a blessed week!
Xo, Mel.

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