Heaven’s Kiss

I was in a pickle. A giant-sized one. Well, not really, but it felt giant at the time.

It was past midnight. Your girl was tired. Filling out a cumbersome application that had me darn near ready to unravel, and in a messy way.

Hubby was already getting bits of it. I was snarky y’all. Not very delightful.

But then…it occurred to me to ask the Holy Spirit for help, and He was quick to answer.

It was immediate too. Like, I was yet completing my sentence sorta quick!

I struggled with this technical issue for over 20 minutes, and boom! Resolved in a flash. Ya, just like that.

Y’all don’t know the half of it. But I really needed that.

To know He hears me,
That even the tiniest, mundane, most inconsequential day-to-day aspects of my life matter to Him. Yes, from washing dishes to filling out paper work.

Know this.
He sees you.
He hears you.
He is near.
He is near.

Lift your voice .

Utter the words.

Listen for His voice.

Embrace the revelation of Him.

He is God with us.

Happy Monyaay!
Have a blessed week!
Xo, Mel.

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