Signs Of the End

“Prophecy is given in the Bible to validate the truthfulness of God.”

Tony Evans

Let’s be clear, Jesus is for sure coming back. The exact date is unknown, but the signs are there. Don’t ignore them.

Yes, His return has been over rehashed. So much so it’s become folklore to some. You may think well, I have heard this said since I was a toddler; I am an adult now, yet. All I can say is this. Do not let the allure of temporary comforts and cheap thrills steal your future. Enjoy life on earth, conscious of what lies ahead. This isn’t all there is, and contrary to what popular culture says, righteousness is not a prerequisite for boredom.

“His ability to perfectly know the future can allow our minds, hearts, spirits and souls to be at rest when things around us are restless.” Tony Evans

Yesterday, I saw a tribute to DMX and couldn’t believe how quickly time had gone. I felt that way on March 20th. I doubt it’ll feel any less unreal on August 29th. A whole 365 days rolling by in the blink of an eye.

Dear friend, time is a valuable currency. How we spend it matters. Jesus is life. His presence fills. He is careful with our hearts. There is so much more for you in Him. Surrender to His Lordship. No one can promise the next second, so now is as good as any to take a bold step of faith. You have nothing to lose, except dead weight—weeds and dross, and everything to gain.

Let’s get our houses in order.

Happy Monyaaaaaaay!
Have a blessed week!

Xo, Mel.

“Biblical clarity to the chaos we are seeing”

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