Just a thought.

In therapy, the goal is to collaboratively discover root cause, help individuals connect the dots to make sense of things, and equip them with practical tools to manage stimuli.

Success varies from person to person and I made every effort to avoid standardizing it. Instead, I encouraged daily practice not for the sake of perfection, but for continuous improvement.

This is how we build the skills to override (not neutralize) our feelings, lean into (not avoid) the discomfort, and ride (not fight) the waves. Endurance is not achieved in one shot. It is lifestyle for a lifetime.

I am learning that God did not cause whatever residual trust issues I may have. Those are the unfortunate stains of tainted human relations. But there is hope still. Old things have passed and all made new. My spirit is reborn, but my flesh… not quite.

This is where practice comes in. Nourishing my heart with His word so that from the abundance of it my mouth speaks. My tongue will only speak what my heart knows. If my heart is full of life, so will my words.

The scripture above is Psalm 125: 1-2. I wrote it in my journal on June 9th at 12:44pm. It is just as true today. There is a song that goes like this, “it may look like I am surrounded, but I am surrounded by you.”
When the feelings rage, I remember that God is greater than my feelings, (1 John 3:20). I do not stop at remembering either. I declare it, along with His other promises as the Holy Spirit brings them to my remembrance.

On hard days, I pray. On easy days, I pray. On days neither here nor there, I pray. I make it a point to acknowledge God throughout the day. Even if it is with a, ‘thank you Jesus.’

It wasn’t always this way, but with practice I am here. It is automatic but not in a mindless routine sorta way. It is plenty dynamic, and with progressive revelation increasingly powerful. There is no end of the road destination to arrive to, other than to abide. I guess I could say God is in the journey, and is the destination.

It comforts my soul to no end knowing that God in His vastness surrounds me. Rogue waves cannot sink me nor can intrusive thoughts sway me from what I believe. I am never far from His reach. In fact, He is as close as the mention of His name.

I pray that we make a practice of anchoring our everyday lives in God. I pray we make it a point to be generous with our time with Him. His presence is the source of life, and His word true and trustworthy.
I pray your week is enriched in every way.

Happy Monyaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Xo, Mel.

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