When your heart cries

For the one wondering if you are seen, yes you are.
The unrest you feel. The unrelenting ache.
Those are your hearts cry.
It can’t be drowned by noise.
It can’t be healed by idols.
The ‘third eye’ is blind to it.
You know the answer. Don’t fight it.
Only Jesus can heal.
Only Jesus can fill.
Only Jesus can restore ruins.
He guides along unfamiliar paths,
He brightens the darkness,
He smoothens the road ahead,
He changes everything.
He is love.
He is certainty.
He is consistency.
He is Savior.
He is Lord.
He is Father.
He is friend.
For the one wondering if you are worthy, yes you are.
You are precious to Him.
You are loved by Him.
He calls you by name.
You are His.
He will not tell you to seek Him if He could not be found.
Break away from self.
Break through the racket.
Fall into His embrace.
He saves.

Happy Monyaaaaay/4th of July!
Xo, Mel.

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