The King is at the door!

I feel the urgency to say some things. 

First, we have very little time. 

God in His mercy continues to be patient. Slow to anger because He does not want to see anyone perish, 2 Peter 3:9. For this reason, Jesus drank the cup of His wrath—the full (undiluted) dose of God’s passionate anger on the cross. He bore our sins and judgement to spare/save us. What greater expression of love is there? 

My heart could burst from gratitude when I think about this. It makes sense then that Paul would say, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. This isn’t a veiled suggestion. But an instruction to cling to the crystal clear image of a victorious Jesus, and our victory in Him. It is a revelation that fans the embers of our faith.

This gift of salvation is one I cherish. I am glad to of my free will declare His lordship over my life. It is a joy to be His. We are all slaves to something or someone. You could call me a slave to Christ, and it’ll be the best compliment ever received. 

My heart cries for the lost. When we consider even Jesus asked for the cup to be taken from him, it becomes plain as day—like berries crushed underfoot, we cannot bear the weight of God’s wrath. What’s worse is the permanence of separation. To live forever and ever in the absence of His love is not worth even the best this world offers. 

God is good. I only pray you choose to taste so you can see it for yourself. Jesus stands at the door, knocking, waiting to be welcomed in, Rev. 3:20. But the day soon come when the stone once rejected becomes the cornerstone. The man once fitted with the crown of thorns and mocked will return in glory, adorned with a gold crown. Then, every knee (no exception), both those who rejected him, and those that believed will bow, and every tongue (in every language) will declare He is Lord, Phil. 2:10-11, Rev. 5:13

On the other side of enduring patience and faithfulness to God is eternal rest. What a day- or I guess you could say lifetime- it’ll be. To be fully immersed in His glory. I pray your heart answers His knock and accepts what it needs, Jesus. I pray you trust fall into His embrace, enjoy the finished works of Christ on earth and be truly free. That is my prayer for you.

Happy MonYAY!

Xo, Mel

Image: @pinterest

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