Diminished Faith

We’ve heard this story before.

A man named Peter had his eyes on Jesus and is the only other recorded person to walk on water.

This same man looked away from Jesus and almost sank.

The moral of the story here is—we are human and there will always be distractions.

When we look away from Jesus, everything becomes blurry. We concede to the distractions, whatever they may be, and are pulled under, split in many futile directions. A lack of focus causes a soul to be weary. Which then leads to diminished faith.

However, when we make Jesus our focus, audacious faith is the resulting fruit. The metaphorical waves are still present, but instead of swallowing us, they are swallowed by His presence.

What does this look like practically?

Consuming God’s word.
Communion with God.
Community with believers.

The word is daily bread for a reason. We need it for sustenance. His word never goes stale, but the less of it we consume, the easier it is to forget. The less we remember, the faster our faith goes stale.

Logically, it’s hard to maintain a relationship without fellowship. If we are being honest, ‘busy’ is a played out excuse. Time is a treasure and where our treasure is, our heart is. We make time for what we value.

If we take a moment to reflect, we’ll see how “I am busy” has led to broken intimacy. We didn’t suddenly stop talking. It took minimal effort, over a long stretch of time, to get to that space. What we don’t feed dies.

The good news is, God is compassionate!

Peter took his eyes off Jesus. His choice, and a poor one. Yet, when he cried out to Jesus to save him, the bible says immediately, Jesus reached out His hand and caught him. This is evidence of God’s willingness and readiness to save us. He does not condemn us. He convicts, disciplines—because He loves us, and offers a solution—Jesus! Immediately, also confirms God’s nearness. He is as close as the mention of His name.

God doesn’t need our time, He deserves it. For all that He is, and for our good, let’s make a point of giving it to Him. It’s a sign of reverence. It is worship. In His presence, we are filled, graced to walk on water, glide through valleys, produce in drought, and stand unwavering in the fire.

LIFE TIP: Instead of blaming everything on being busy, how about we ask God to give us the wisdom to better manage our time so that we can spend more of it with Him and those we love? He is faithful to give. We only have to receive and faithfully steward His gifts.

Dying to self isn’t a morbid idea. It is a choice to surrender and lay flat at the feet of Jesus over and over. The fuel that drives joy in our hearts and anchors us in life is God. Everything else ends. God is unending.

I pray that this week we choose to abide. I pray that as we worship, the distance fades and we experience intimacy with the Father like never before. I also pray that God blesses us with divine interactions that will expressively reveal Him, encourage us and others, and produce unexplained comfort. In Jesus name. Amen.

Verses—Matthew 14:22-33, 6:21.

Happy Monyaaaaaaay!
Xo, Mel.

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