Majestic Oaks

Humbling Disappointments often bring us back to the cross. But really, Jesus should always be our permanent address. That said, moments of obscurity force us to remember our limitations. Like a parent would a child, God sometimes loosens His grip and allows us to binge our way through life, exhausting self, until we come to the realization of our need for Him.

To forget the all-powerful God causes grief. In His wisdom He delegates power to His creation. But rest assured, giving of Himself takes nothing away from Him. He remains the source. His omnipotence evermore.

This new year will have its twists and turns. The cloudy skies will give way for the sun to shine. As will the night bow out for the morning to take center stage. The bare trees will be adorned once again with luscious green leaves. The birds will come out of hibernation, and we will hear them sing again. As it always does, seasons will come and go. But I pray your life remains evergreen.

As you plan, do so with God.
As you dream, let it be His.
As you work, do so by His Spirit.
As you wait, let it be in His rest.

I want for you, and I more of God.
I want for you, and I the outpouring of His Spirt in our lives.
I want for you, and I increased knowledge of His word.
I want for you, and I what Mary knew to be most important, a seat at the feet of Jesus.

It is with all this in mind I pray for new beginnings for you. Sound minds, flourishing spirits, and rested souls.

I saw a post that resonated with me. It’s a practical way to stay in remembrance and train your heart in gratitude.

Put an empty jar, basket, or bowl – whatever you have handy, in a visible, high-traffic area of your home. As you go through your day, pay attention. God neither sleeps nor slumbers. This means His eye is on you. His Spirit hovering, ready to fill. Miracles happen every second. Keep account.

Hey, let your imagination run wild. Yes! Believe big. But keep this in mind also. A miracle could be silence. It could be watching your child play, finishing a task in less time than planned, reaching your destination with your gas tank on E, enjoying a yummy dessert you made, having an unexpectedly beautiful encounter with a stranger, a new home or going home, receiving a call from long lost family, making a new friend, seeing someone that hurt you and catching yourself smile, choosing not to have sugar when your body is crying for it, natural conception or a successful IVF and I could go on. I hope you get the point. Write it all down.

When things get murky and hard, we forget. This is a way to curb our natural inclination to complain. Imagine how full the chosen vessel will be at the end of the year. Ah. Opening each note and seeing how God’s goodness followed you in and out of season, all through the year. Now that’s a faith booster!

Happy new year to you and yours!
Xo, Mel.


  1. Happy new year! I pray all your heart’s desires are granted, may you be pleasantly surprised and may God come through in a big way for you! Thanks for this post and the reminder to set up my gratitude jar!

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