…a lil’ more tidbit

It’s been a few years since I blogged, more due to welcomed distractions than a lack of content.

These were distractions I allowed because they served a purpose.

They were my cop-out — the mask I needed to hide my fear of displaying what I thought was my nakedness to the world.

I have no grandiose plans for wateredseed,

I am simply finally giving in to what I genuinely believe is a page in God’s plans for me.

I will be honest and say that I feel utterly uncomfortable,

This is not natural for me.

But the thing about a God-purpose is that it constantly nags at you, almost to the point of irritation.

It taps at the door of your heart, begging to be welcomed in

It dances to the melody arranged by the beat of your heart, hoping you’ll fall in-line and dance along

It brings to full focus every small detail that makes you unique in an effort to dispel the voices in your head that feed you lies of ‘not enough’

It connects the floating dots that stood in obscurity waiting to be beckoned into the light

Tap, tap, tap …

A daily reminder not to die with purpose unfulfilled — those dreams, visions, goals, aspirations that keep you awake at night, and leave a sheepish smile on your face, almost like you have a secret to tell.

Tap, tap, tap…

Until you open the door

Anything that makes your heart beat fast with an overwhelming sense of possibility

Anything that draws from your well of gifts and talents, skills and knowledge, education and experiences

Anything that gives joy and stirs your insides till it bubbles with life

Anything that inspires hope

Anything that forces you to stretch out your hand and yell God help me

Is worth giving a shot — right?

Well, here I go.