…is just the right segue to my thoughts on faith. 

Every time I place an order on Amazon, I receive a notification. Thank you for your order, and then it provides a product breakdown with an arrival timeline i.e arriving June 16th – 20th. An expectation is set. I have something to look forward to. 

I trust that my order has been received, and I have faith that Amazon will handle all the behind the scene mechanics that’ll lead to the knock on my door from the dispatcher with my packages in hand.

Pending the goodies ordered (i.e., kitchenware), my excitement level spikes with each passing day.

The thing is, Amazon has disappointed me a few times, with delays, misplaced items and wrong packages. Yet, I continue to use the platform. But with God, I am quick to lose patience and log off.

As expansive as Amazon is, my God is bigger and this big God, is the one that made all of creation, things seen and unseen. Amazon has never sacrificed a dime on me, God gave his son for me– His very best, 5 star effort. Furthermore, His word is filled with promises of a life of joy, peace, love, fulfillment, abundance and purpose.  None of which Amazon as advanced as it is can provide. Yet I struggle with placing my trust and attaching my expectation to what God had said concerning me.  I say, I am a city upon a hill that cannot be hid…but it feels more like rhetoric than faith, because I do better at hiding. 

How is it that I have more faith in a man-made creation than in the creator of the man behind Amazon, and all the resources he used in the creation of Amazon? Do I really know God? Like do I actually have a personal revelation of his character?  These are questions I found myself asking at 6:53am on a rainy Friday morning. 

I think about it this way, before all the baggage from the disappointments of life, we had childlike faith. A hope. An expectation. As children there were no boundaries to what we believed was possible. As a child, whatever daddy says…is. We then run around declaring what daddy said is going to happen, and just incase daddy forgot, we remind him, but we live in that excited space until we get what daddy said we would get. When we get it, its like YES! Daddy my hero! God is good! You rock! God is awesome! Thanks daddy! Thank you God!

Trust is built, and we have a confident hope…Daddy has got me. Daddy can do no wrong. We don’t question daddy, and even when daddy says no, we pout for a short while, but we soon forget and its back to regular business, with thoughts of hmmmm I wonder what else daddy has planned for me. We don’t have an ounce of doubt were daddy is concerned. We just know. And because of this knowing, we go about living life fully aware of daddy’s presence and the protection, provision, love and care he provides – my hearts desire for every little child in a world filled with shape shifters and dead beats. 

The Bible is replete with verses that speak to God’s character. 

He is love …anyone who does not love does not know God, ‘cuz God is love…

He is faithful  …so do not fear, for I am with you… 

He is ride or thrive …He will never leave you nor forsake you… 

He is ready to invest in you  …the steps of a righteous man are directed and established by the Lord, and He delights in his way… 

and so much more…

1 John 4:7-21, Isaiah 41:10Deu 31:6, Psalm 37:23

I find myself praying for that child-like faith. The careless abandon of a child who can stand on the edge of the table believing she could fly because daddy said so. She is not concerned about the possible fatality of a face plant or injuries. All she sees is herself (as daddy sees her) flying. Her perspective is bold. Sure. Reckless, yet secure. She trusts that daddy’s words are true. 

I am ready to be that child again. To live by faith. To keep my sight on things that are above. To live life fully aware of my Father who is ever present, and if needed, ready to move the plush clothing of the skies, to the plains of the earth just so that my landing is cushioned. But to get back here, to this place of unwavering trust, confident hope and excited expectation, I have to get to know my Father again. Like really know Him. 

It’s a daily walk, but I am ready to be an A M A Z O N in life, fighting the good fight of faith (in God, and Him alone). 

Happy monYay!!!!!!


Dictionary Definition – Amazon, ‘a member of a race of female warriors in greek mythology.’  

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  1. Thank you for this writeup! It’s interesting, this concept of child-like faith. We’re only children for a short while. When we grow up and experience human disappointment and cynicism sets in, it can be difficult to regain or even relate to that sense of “careless abandon” that we once had. It’s a continuous process and one that requires the help of the Holy Spirit daily.

    Also I see what you did there with the term “ride or thrive” lol. But why the substitution? Even if we are not thriving, God is still faithful… come rain, come sunshine, good, bad, whatever the situation, he will never forsake us. Even more imperative that we acknowledge that life won’t always be rosy and some days it will feel like we are “dying” rather than “riding”, but He will still be there.

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    1. Yup! The Holy Spirit is most definitely a 24/7 requirement in this walk of faith.

      I used “thrive” instead of “die” because I don’t associate death with God. The way I see it, when Christ remains our focus, we thrive even in the midst of the trials and tribulations, challenges and mishaps, blunders of life. Thriving could very well be the state of not being tossed to and fro by the issues of life, because we see ourselves as that tree the Bible talks about thats planted by the rivers of water that isn’t bothered by seasonal changes and remains evergreen. ❤️


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