A short prayer

Dear God,
My heart rejoices in You. All my praise belongs to You. Your beauty is incomparable. Only You will I worship. You are before all things, and above all things. The universe sits on its axis because of You. You inhabit eternity. Glorious and majestic. You also inhabit my praise, filling the spaces of my life with your radiance. Why are You so mindful of me Lord? All I can think is this; it must be love. As the honks from the street break into the silence of the morning; no doubt a prelude to the busy day ahead, I look to you to keep me in perfect peace. I declare that Your brilliance rises upon me and my household. Let everything in my life serve Your purpose. With Your mighty right hand, lead me. Let my doings and goings glorify You. Help me stay focused and plugged in to You. Your presence anchors me. Your word keeps me surefooted, and gives me the confidence to do life from a place of wisdom, faith, hope and victory. With all the distractions around me, help me to be careful to obey You. Remind me Lord that You alone are the source of life. Let my light so shine for all to see so that they are led right to You. In Jesus name. Amen

Happy Monyaay!

Xo, Mel.

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