Father, thank you for always hearing me”|John 11:41|.
There is something so beautiful about these words.
They are simple, some may even say plain.
Yet they carry in them substance, one far beyond the weight of gold.
Trust. A crystallized conviction about a Father’s faithfulness.
It also shows posture, an acceptance of the Father’s authority.
I like that Jesus’ words express intimacy.
It makes me want more.
It pushes me to dig deeper, for a deeper place in Him.
It whets my appetite, rousing a sustained desire to encounter this same faithful Father.
The One who is ever consistent. Here today, and here tomorrow.
The One who embodies everlasting.
A bottomless Oasis.
This is a prayer.
Wholesome and humble.
Short and sweet.
A prayer of thanksgiving.
An acknowledgement of His presence.
A summon to a place of rest.

I say a lot of things to my Father,
It is not always polished.
I used to get in my head about it,
I felt like my words were something like weathered boots,
not pristine enough for a holy God.
But all that did was cause a rift.
How could I connect to a God I felt would judge my words?
I would hear others pray, and get jealous.
Such enlightened words.
Refined and masterful.
How could God not hear them?
Then here comes Jesus.
Showing me the way.
The unruly thorns sown by the master of deceit,
uprooted by love.
7 words to debunk the doubts,
Tearing down the walls of separation.
It is no coincidence. 7 = perfection.

I struggled to find my words this morning, and so I said…
I need you Lord.
That is all He needed. An invitation.
Thereafter, the words poured out;
rivers of living water.

Get out of your head.
Bring your words, as short, simple and clumsy as they may be to His throne of grace.
Bring yourself to His alter.
He always hears you.


Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaay!


John 11:41. Joshua 6:15


  1. It’s funny to hear that someone who writes as beautifully as you do could ever struggle with the right “arrangement” of words to say to God….

    He sees the heart.
    He doesn’t give more attention to a multitude of words.
    Yes, short, sweet, nd to the point is sometimes all that is needed.

    …. if ever stuck, I trust that once your pen is put to paper, (or fingers to keyboard?) the abundance of your heart will come pouring out.

    Thanks for this message.


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