I came across a story of a young pastor who took his life, and my heart broke.

I thought about him, and wondered what it was that tipped him over the edge. What was the last straw? What broke the camel’s back?

My heart broke because so often we forget that strong people also need lifting. We bombard them with weights that are meant for God, casting all our cares on them as if they are God. We forget to declare faith words over their lives. We forget to intercede for them. We forget that besides us – the congregation, is a smaller unit – the family that sacrifice daily for the access we have to what should be all theirs. For our benefit, they give, give, give and give some more.

I have never understood suicide; that pitch black blurred moment when a person is convinced that all hope is lost. But I definitely know how easy it is to log the burdens of others around, also forgetting to cast them unto God. I know how easy it is to get so used to being needed, that you forget to recoup. You shelf yourself, and all the way to the back, to collect dust. It hurts my very core that this man knew a great God, walked with and served Him with his life, yet somehow lost hope. Everything in me cried out for mercy, for him. For his family. For his church.

At first sight, all seems perfect. He is handsomeness on long legs, with a gorgeous perfect family. But men and women of God also fight battles. Battles none of us could last a minute fighting. They are doing God’s work, so the devil works that much harder. We cannot and should not leave them exposed. As a church, we need to stop idolizing the pulpit, and remember that the men and women that stand up there are still human, with human conditions; insecurities, fears, disappointments, failures, weaknesses, feelings, needs, wants and so on. They need God as much as we do. They need prayers as much as we do. They need encouragement as much as we do.

As much as they pour into us, we also need to pour into them.

Perfect is unreal. It is an evaporating mist that cannot be canned. Purpose is real, and I believe that this young pastor lived out his purpose until his very last breath. Like everyone else thats been lost to suicide, the world mourns because all those precious gifts, talents, personalities and ideas are now buried with them. We no longer get the pleasure of sitting in the joy of their presence. We now only have memories, and the lingering question…why?

The well of their lives overflowed with life giving water, but for a split second, they were convinced otherwise. I have tears welling up in my eyes as I write this, because it’s a major loss. Those on the outskirts will move on. However, those in the village, his tribe, will not. The loss will remain a gaping hole, that time may or may not heal. But I am so thankful that human failures and deficiencies are not a reflection of God’s nature. Even when we do not understand, He remains God. And where we fail to stand in, He comes through, and remains near to the broken hearted. 

That’s why I plead with you, because of our union with our Lord Jesus Christ, to be partners with me in your prayers to God. My dear brothers and sisters in the faith, with the love we share in the Holy Spirit, fight alongside me in prayer. Ask the Father to deliver me from the danger I face from the unbelievers in Judea. For I want to make sure that the contribution I carry for Jerusalem will be favourably received by God’s holy ones.  Then he will send me to you with great joy in the pleasure of God’s will, and I will be spiritually refreshed by your fellowship. |Romans 15:30, TPT|

Please, remember to make others a prayer point too. Life is more than just you. Much more. So much more.

Happy monYaY! 

xoxo (💋💋💋💋💋💋💋)


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  1. Recent events in my life have jolted me into not being all about myself and my immediate needs.

    I’ve been reminded to be more into praying for others. A thought of them flashes through my mind? Say a quick prayer for them. They share some of their challenges with me? Intercede for them in prayer.

    Pray for others, just cause. It’s a gift, and the more you give, the more you receive so prayers for everyone!! Hehe.

    Pastors and those in authority need out prayers more than ever before. I’m being intentional about lifting my pastor up in prayer for he has given his life selflessly to bless me. The least I can do is to pray for him as well.

    Great one, Michelle.


    1. Honestly. I mean I know that as humans we are innately selfish. But like every thing else in life, we have to be intentional about not being just about ourselves. And it’ll require sacrifices. But when you think as it being unto God, it makes it easier to live a life poured out ‘cuz you don’t get scared of running dry/being empty. Which was the case for me. Thanks for reading/commenting beautiful! 💋


  2. I was also really troubled reading about this young pastor. I’m glad you wrote about it. It’s a call to action for us/me not just to intercede in prayer but also to seek tangible ways to help ease their burdens, meet some of their unspoken needs and help them not feel they have to shoulder their burdens alone.

    And finally… “Even when we do not understand, He remains God. And where we fail to stand in, He comes through, and remains near to the broken hearted.” Amen.

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    1. Yes! You hit the nail on the head love. Most people walk around with unspoken needs, carrying the weight alone for a cocktail of reasons….fear…shame…whatever. Interceding in the place of prayer is an absolute YAY, but also extending a hand of help, a shoulder to lean/cry on, a listening ear, undivided attention, a check-in text, a voice of reason…So many ways to be a blessing. We only have to look, and see beyond ourselves. Thanks for reading doll! x


  3. Such a lovely piece, I had tears in my eyes….important to know first that any one we look up to on earth are humans first before their title. This is also a reminder to pray for others as well…Most times it is easy to think about me, me, me but praying for others should be part of our sometimes long prayer requests. This week I started saying thank you a lot to God instead of asking but just thanking him for everything and everyone. Thank you so much for this reminder.

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    1. Oh yes darl! God inhabits the praises of his children…In your place of thanksgiving, prayers are being answered. It’s an atmosphere of worship that puts God above your challenges, and he moves in such an atmosphere! Thanks for reading hun! xo


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