Watered Seed

A watered seed grows. 

Growth may be slow, but it is steady and sure.  Though covered in dirt, it is not itself dirt.  It digs its roots deeper still, drawing nutrients from what should suffocate it. 

It leans towards the light, showered by its rays. It twirls at the gentle sprinkle of water. Yet, is gritty enough to withstand heavy downpours. 

For a period, it is buried and unseen.  But in due season, at its appointed time – it sprouts. Rising beyond the dirt, flourishing amongst weeds, with a story to tell. 

In bloom, its aromatic beauty flirts with nature, and beckons to kings.  They come to its rising. 

To the glory of God, a seed once buried, now shines, clothed by its creator, like lilies of the field. Purposefully radiant, for all to see.

You are that seed, hidden for a time, watered from a well that never runs dry, planted to grow.

Trust God, you are in good hands.

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay



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